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Although I did not approve the way this vote was set up (and I did not vote!), the decision has been made, and the results are beneficial for PGC coin holders, but less favourable for Pegascoin miners. What was decided? Miners reward will be lowered from 25 PGC to 5 PGC after block 555555. The 4 PGC reserved for DOB will stay the same. Good thing for everybody is that overall coin inflation will be dramatically reduced, from 29 PGC per block to only 9 PGC per block, and that is a big difference.

What does it mean for the coin price and for you? Well, if you still have no PGC or just a tiny amount, now is really time to get more. You still have ~12 days of mining with 25 PGC per block reward or just go ahead and buy some. All the coins you can get under 250 sat (0.00000250 BTC) is still a good deal imho. If you are holding bigger amount of PGC, consider setting up your buy orders between 150-220 sat, just in case lot of miners throws a towel, decides to jump ship and sell all their holdings. As you can see, there are quite strong market forces on both sides, and only future will tell, which will prevail. I would definitely expect bigger volatility in coming days.

Also don’t forget the mandatory update. All Pegascoin users must update their wallets to the latest version v1.5 before block #555555.

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