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Only today/tomorrow
Although this voting is a bit strange imho, you have a chance to make a difference in Pegascoin. Here’s the deal. We are at block ~520.000 in PGC blockchain, and as things are now, from block 150.000 to 990.000 miners reward is 25 PGC, while 4 PGC are reserved for DOB (in short, for people parking their coins and earning interest). Some folks however don’t think this is the right ratio between miners and holders reward, and were repeating it over and over on Discord, until it resulted in this vote 🙂 hmm, alright.

Why is it strange?
Considering that most (credible) voting in crypto world is happening via blockchain, and coin holders vote is based on number of coins they actually own, what is happening with Pegascoin is a bit unsettling.

What you see above is that the Pegascoin dev basically just set up a poll in Discord, and gave everyone one (1) vote, that’s it 🙂 no blockchain, no chipcount. A complete stranger has the same voting power as someone heavily invested in the project. Is this right?

What can you vote about?
1) For or Against the reduction of PGC reward for miners from 25 PGC to 5 PGC
Thumb Up = Change … MinerReward 5 PGC, DobReward 4 PGC, total BlockReward = 9 PGC
Thumb Down = Status Quo … MinerReward 25 PGC, DobReward 4 PGC, total BlockReward = 29 PGC

2) If there will be fork (more Thumb Up votes), from which block it will start
1 = block 555555 … ~ April 4th, 2018
2 = block 666666 … ~ May 13th, 2018

Well, at least the price of Pegascoin has doubled since last week!
And for the record, abstains from voting.

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