Pegascoin is still a buy

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Pegas will fly high! Or not? Well, that is still to be seen, but I believe it has a bright future and that PGC is still a buy, especially now, when you can get in for 200 sat or even lower.

Pegascoin also released new wallet v1.3, which is much better to work with, because you can finally adjust its size and see all information without scrolling.

We have also fresh information regarding DOB 2.0, which seems very promising. It introduces something called DAC, which means “Deposit Account” and you can find all relevant information about it in our Basic DAC facts section.

When it comes to DOB 1.0, all previous DOB 1.0 deposits have been or will be paid out as planned of course, you just can not temporarily create new deposits, which is because of the DOB 2.0 implementation. They will be available again after DOB 2.0 launch at block 563555 so stay tuned.

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