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You’ve heard the story thousand times. Guy XYZ bought bunch of bitcoins back in 2013 for $100 each, or even in 2012 for $5 each (oh yes, it was actually possible!), and now he’s clogging his Instagram with those annoying Lambo pictures, right? “Lucky bastard!” you say, “if I only knew back then” end of story … but wait, what if it’s actually NOT the end of story? What if there is a way to do this again? Alright, don’t get me wrong, Bitcoin is yesterday’s news and despite some shills claiming so, it ain’t going to million dollars any time soon. So what now?

For the record, I missed this train too, so no worries, you are not the only one 🙂 Soon after entering the crypto world, I realized there are still opportunities and I started to dig deeper. Basically there are just 3 types of crypto people. Type 1 – bitcoiners. These are usually the early adopters, who already made their money, some of them really BIG money, so now they think they’re the masters of universe and altcoins are for suckers, because they have gotten rich HODLing bitcoin. Ok. Type 2 – altcoiners. Better put, these are mainstream altcoiners who see their salvation in Coin Market Cap top10 altcoins. To be fair, some go as deep as top50 😉 It has a catch though – just Coin Market Cap lists over 1500 crypto currencies, and that’s by far not all. There is probably 2-3x more coins out there. Type 3 – real altcoiners. I know that chances Bitcoin will MOON 100x up again are very slim. Chances that your average top50 coin will go 100x up is a bit better, but still very low. So can play “safe”, buy some Bitcoins and wait for another madness or grow gray (depending what comes first). Or you can go more aggressive, try some mainstream altcoins and be a cheerleader for your “next Bitcoin”. Or you can join the real treasure hunt and follow the Altcoin Trend for next big winners!

I already made it happen. One of my first winners was ELLA, which I bought for mere 100 sat, which was at the time just about $0.006 (bitcoin price $6000 * 0,00000100). I sold some of these for $3.60 – so there you have it, 600x up jackpot! And this has happened by the end of 2017, so very very late from Bitcoin story standpoint. But it happened and it will happen again. The idea behind AltcoinTrend.com is to take all my records, notes and work sheets and make them public. I will show you how I think and I will describe what I am doing and WHY I am doing it. I will make mistakes and I won’t catch every coin that will go up – crypto world is just too big for that. But I will be honest with my findings and my action and share it with you if you care. And I promise I’ll drop the Lambo – Moon – HODL mumbo jumbo 🙂 I hate it too!

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