Buy HPP below 500 sat

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Speculative buy
Please note that this is very speculative trade recommendation, but I have been following HPPCoin almost from it’s inception, and the trading range just 2 months ago was between 5,000-10,000 sat! Then, after they launched the Masternodes, sellers prevailed and pushed the price below 2,000 sat and later on even below 1,000 sat. But for a long time, there was one big buy order sitting at 760 sat, while the buyer had absorbed a full 1 BTC of HPP coins. This could have been as well an attempt to manipulate the market to not let it go below this price point. Or this buyer who now owns over 130,000 HPP can try to manipulate the market even lower some time in the future.

Buy or not?
Still, I recommend to buy HPP at 500 sat, then at 250 sat, and 100 sat, and finally around 10 sat if that happens. Yes 🙂 as you can see, there is still a long way down from the initial 500 sat buy-in recommendation and you must be even prepared to lose everything. So it all depends on your guts and your risk tolerance, but the upside is worth it – don’t forget that this coin traded above 10,000 sat just 2 months ago, and that it’s one of the better projects out there (just with lack of marketing and awareness). So don’t get too greedy 😉 you have been warned, but making this coin a small part (5-10%) of your portfolio seems like a good idea at current price levels. Also if this trade goes against you, don’t panic and don’t sell right away. Even if it blows up in the short term, it should pay off to hold for 3-6 months at least. Got my orders set, see you on the gridlines!

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