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A lot is happening in Minexcoin, and I want to share some Youtube videos with you on various MNX topics.

In this video, Atomic Swaps are explained and kinda demonstrated from the “floor” 🙂 – make sure to turn on English subtitles!

Official video showing Minexcoin/Bitcoin atomic swap including lot of technical details.

Another official video, this time explaining Minexcoin/Bitcoin atomic swap refunds.

Here we have Minexcoin Founder and CEO Boris Shulyaev explaining how the percents in Minexbank are calculated – with English subtitles.

Video from a community member about how to mine MNX with CPU or GPU.

Here, more like an outsider in an attempt to outsmart the rest of us 🙂

And finally the same guy and his response to deserved criticism after his first video.

Enjoy and make sure to read more about Minexcoin and how you can make an annual return of 250% by simply parking your MNX coins.

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