MNX up from $10 to $30 and rising

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MinexCoin, one of our top 3 suggestions have enjoyed a great ride from $10 to $30 despite other cryptos going lower, including Bitcoin. What is behind this move? Definitely a fact that MNX is a solid project, and also that more and more people are aware of it’s existence. So what now? Should I pile in after it tripled?! True, normally the recommendation after a coin triples is a clear sell. And if you managed to buy some MNX below $15 and got some free coins from parking, consider to sell 20-30% to lock in some profits. On the other hand, take a closer look at the image below …

Besides the nice rally, you can see one even more interesting thing – Rank 103. Ehh ok, so what? So, that means that if MinexCoin manages to make it to top 100 at, it will be listed on the CMC Main Page, and that ladies and gentlemen means A LOT more attention! All in all, MNX coin appears to have a great kick-start into 2018 and with a promising Roadmap it can surprise even further. And if not, don’t forget that their parking system gives you the ability to get 300% annual return! In other words, even if the coin’s price is only 1/3 one year from now, the value of your holdings in USD will NOT go down.

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