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Last Update: April 11th, 2018
Name: Minexcoin
Ticker: MNX
Algoritm: MARS (Equihash) – ASIC resistant
Market: Buy under 280,000 sat (0.00280000 BTC)
Specialities: Minexbank (Coin parking with high yield)
Premine: 5,500,000 MNX
Coins Max Supply: 19,000,000 MNX
Coins in Circulation: ~ 3,600,000 MNX
Market Cap: ~ 10,080 BTC ~ $70,560,000 USD

Useful Links
Website: https://minexcoin.com & https://minexbank.com
Block explorer: https://minexexplorer.com
Network stats: https://bchain.info/MNX/
FAQ: https://faq.minexcoin.com
Blog: https://medium.com/minecoin-blog
Wallet: https://minexcoin.com – Windows & Linux & Mac OS & https://coinomi.com
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/minexcoin/
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1847292.0
Discord: N/A
Slack: https://minexcoin.slack.com/messages/C4S022C2V/
Telegram: https://t.me/minexcoin & https://t.me/minexbank
Twitter: https://twitter.com/minexcoin
Alexa: minexcoin.com (372,684) & minexbank.com (119,959)
ToTheMoon: 4 events
Exchanges: Livecoin.net; Coinexchange.io
Faucet: https://xdeathwing.com – claim every 6 hours
MNX Richlist: https://bchain.info/MNX/rich/

Minexcoin is definitively a buy. Forget about their “low volatility” and “stable exchange rate” claims, which are simply unrealistic in crypto arena, but I like the idea of the “First Trustless Bank” – and their rates of course 🙂 which however deserve a small warning, because be it as it may, they are just too good to be true! Still, I decided to give the Minexcoin team the benefit of the doubt, take the risk and park a decent amount in Minexbank, and I recommend you to do the same thing. But don’t be greedy and don’t go over 20% of your crypto portfolio.

At the moment you can park your MNX coins at following rates:
0.19% Daily – with compound interest 1.0019 ^ 365 = 1.9994, that means 100% annual return
1.34% Weekly – with compound interest 1.0134 ^ 52.14 = 2.0018, that means 100% annual return
5.83% Monthly – with compound interest 1.0583 ^ 12.17 = 1.9925, that means 99% annual return
27.60% Quarterly – with compound interest 1.2760 ^ 4.06 = 2.6900, that means 169% annual return
47.20% Half yearly – with compound interest 1.4720 ^ 2.03 = 2.1921, that means 119% annual return
70.00% Yearly – with compound interest 1.7000 ^ 1 = 1.7000, that means 70% annual return

Embrace Minexcoin, say Bye-Bye to bank savings
Speculative trading in cryptocurrencies can be like “one night stand” that may cause you great loss. If you are seeking long-term benefits from your investment, Minexcoin is the right option to get “married” to. Minexcoin has been introduced as a worldwide payment system, which controls volatility and ensures stability by employing an autonomous algorithm based on approaches, which have been used in conventional financial markets. It has been purported to act as a medium of settlement as well as savings.

How Minexcoin manages volatility and maintains stability
MinexBank employs smart algorithm and financial mechanism to reduce the volatility by controlling the demand and supply aspect by intervention and also by revision of parking rates, thus controlling the price within a range of 5% from previous day’s value.

If the demand is more and supply is less, Minexbank simply supplies more MNX coins to fulfill the demand and halts trading if the price rises to 5%. And if there is a lot of supply and demand is lower, then it buys back Minexcoin to regulate its price.

Although Minexbank revises the parking rates accordingly to maintain stability and uses this intervention method to decrease volatility, it can not defend the MNX against flash crashes, and in cases when BTC price and all crypto markets go down (see below).

MinexBank is currently managed by a professional team but is on the way to become completely free from human involvement once the algorithm is perfected and converted into a decentralized autonomous organization.

March 15th, 2018 – MinexBank memorandum for the period of March-September 2018
April 11th, 2018 – Minexcoin released Q1 Report – check MNX performance from January to March 2018

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